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Point: Gambling to certain extent and under laws and regulations could be made legalized so that government can also make money through the taxes on gambling and utilize for development and at the same time it would be under control due to strict laws.We discuss how to bet on cricket and other sports online in India with details on how to deposit and withdraw. Casino in India. Betting Online in India.It is also an industry innovator in that odds at Betfair are not set by an individual bookmaker or a consortium but by the market: the odds change as the amount bet on or against a particular team or individual player grows.Point: in cricket gambling should not be merged with patriotism. cricketers play for the country but for their livelihood.involvement of cricketers should not be there in betting.gambling is done completly on fortunes so here also it should be.apart from this the money involve should not be in cash it should be in cheque, draft etc this will remove black money problem and liquidity will increase.The Indian Army today said it has conducted surgical strikes on terror launch pads across the Line of Control. Cricket; Travel. India shows evidence by.

Citing LoC turmoil, India rules out possibility of cricket

Point: Gambling should not be legalised in our country because unemployment is our greatest problem, gambling will further worsen the the state of unemployed youth as they will consider it as shortest way to earn more money.They will get addicted and will be tempted to gamble.Point: Gambling should be legalised in india as it can give a good revenue to the government in terms of tax. but the individual should see to it that gambling does not become an addiction to him.

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Cricket Betting: Cricket Betting in Canada. Cricket; Top Cricket Betting. There are also illegal online gambling sports betting websites in Canada also.

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For example in cricket if any player fix any spot then he will have to do only what he has set for.

Hostility at LoC does not 'set tone' for Pak-India cricket

Point: betting should be leagalized in india and a part of total revenue collected should be submitted as tax.Firstly it will help the economy and secondly the black money which the rich people have been hiding from the government can be extracted.They earn money easily.In India there are no source of fast income so, according to me nt legalize.As if we speak about middle class family then i believe one should know about there limits.there are many activities in India which is illegal but that is happening day by we cannot stop any activites by making any laws.If gambling will legal in India then it will raise economic condition of our country and obviously unemloyment will be reduced.So gambling should be legal in our country.Introduction of gambling upto a certain amount in government authorised centers in IPL matches could be one of the solution as revenue can be earned out of it, age bar could be set to keep children away from it.

In the context of India, it should not be legalized in any case.Charge depend on your betting buisness example 1k to 25k charge 8 to 10k per month.

If a would-be punter is introduced to a bookie by another client, he can enter the circle, and must play by the rules.You can learn more about our use of cookies and change your browser settings in order to avoid cookies by clicking here.Financial firm Blackstone offers highest 45 lakh package at IIT Mumbai.

Right now betting is banned and at least medium class is not involved in it so not losing their hard earned money in gambling.3 held for betting on India-Pakistan cricket match: Police Fazilka (Pb), Jun 5 Three persons have been arrested here for allegedly being involved in betting during.

Looking for guideline about online cricket betting from India?. At present, the government of India legalizes gambling some states such as Goa and Sikkim.In my point of view gambling should not be legalised in india, with the use of betting so many cricketers have been involved in spot fixing by doing this a brokers.We have many satisfied clients with cricket betting tips free, cricket predictions. To get more cricket betting report like India vs South Africa 1st ODI Match.India, a country where cricket is treated as a religion and. How to Bet on Cricket Online in India 2017. Gambling History of India. Gambling is no new concept.It is much smoother, however, to get in touch with a bookie in your town.Point: if gambling is legalized, corrupt people will have more ways to legalise their black money. a more convinient way of corruption will start with this.More than $500 million is expected to be gambled illegally on the Champions Trophy final between Pakistan and India on Sunday.Those wh have money they only can be able t play rest all just can keep quiet.

Point: gambling gives on chance for a pro to test his luck and knowlege of the game.some people follow the game regurly and their talent will help them win money.Point: as we know that human desire will not end we should not be legalized the betting ever because human things there intention is always good they always want to earn black money they will not betting legally because of they would not like to deposit the money of betting as we know India is developing country and betting will restard for their progress.